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Counselling Services
Pre-/Post-Adoption Counselling

Counselling services are available for birth parents, adoptees, prospective adopters & adoptive parents concerning any adoption issues.

Pregnancy Counselling

We provide counselling services for women who are going through difficulties due to unexpected pregnancy and for their partners and family members. We help these women to make plans for their children and themselves after birth and provide emotional support during pregnancy. If birth parents decide to place their child for adoption, we also assist them to find adoptive parents for their child.

Unplanned pregnancies

An unplanned pregnancy often means you have difficult choices to make. Choices include:
  a)  Raising the child together with the birth
  b)  Raising the child as a single parent;
  c)  Placing the child for adoption;
  d)  Abortion

The question you need to ask yourself is which of the above would be the most viable and responsible option for your child as well as yourself. Abortion may seem to ease the problem temporarily but often leaves emotional scars and sometimes poses physical health problems.

There is no question that raising the child yourself is the best option if you have adequate resources and social support. But for some parents who lack such, raising their babies may appear to be a good option until they find themselves overwhelmed by other needs and problems. Adoption can be a responsible alternative for both the mother and her child if adequate counselling has been provided with a good placement for the baby and follow-up psycho-social support for the mother after the placement of her child. Every situation is unique and the following questions will help you make a more informed decision based on your current circumstances such as your family and financial situation, available social support and your own coping capacity.

Important questions to ask yourselves:
1.  How would your parents/spouse/boyfriend feel
     about this decision?
2.  What is your long term plan with regard to your
     relationship with the child’s birth mother/father?
3.  Can you and your parents/spouse/boyfriend afford
     to support a child?
4.  What suitable childcare arrangement can you or your
     family make?
5.  Can you handle a child and a job/school at the same
     time, both physically and emotionally?
6.  Who is likely to support the decision that you are
     going to make?
7.  What are some things important to you that you must
     be prepared to give up by choosing this option?
8.  How does this decision fit into your value system? Will
     it bring you closer to, or take you further away from
     your values?

Resources for Women and Teen with Pregnancy

Pregnancy Crisis Counselling and Support:(Helplines)

ALife Tel: 62588816
Pregnancy Crisis Service Tel: 63399770
Babes(for pregnant teenagers) Tel: 81113535
National Pregnancy Helpline (24-hr hotline) Tel: 1800-MUM-TO-BE
Tel: 1800-686-86-23
Dayspring New Life
Tel: 64630182,64630187
Email: nlc@dayspring.org.sg

Shelter for Women and Teen with Pregnancy:

Good Shepherd Centre
(Rose Villa)
Tel: 67556496, 62536556
Email: gscentre@marymount.org.sg
Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls Tel: 62844707
Dayspring New Life
Tel: 64630182,64630187
Email: nlc@dayspring.org.sg

Infant Care Service for the infants of unwed mother:

Sanctuary House Tel: 62210588, 98170588

Adoption Services:

TOUCH Adoption Services Email: adoption@touch.org.sg
Apkim Centre for Social Services (ACOSS) Tel: 63556388

“It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that
you may live as you wish.”
- Mother Theresa -